The first range of stoppers in the world 100% guaranteed off-flavors free and with new cellular reordering NEW CELL.

From the best “cru corks” to the most innovative treatment technology – IGEA 2.0 – Mureddu Sugheri is at the forefront of the most demanding wine making requests. The MUREDDU IGEA line brings the organoleptic and mechanical quality of natural corks to date in the sector, giving rise to the world’s first 100% guaranteed range of stoppers, OFF-FLAVOR FREE and with NEW CELL cellular reordering..

How the stopper borns

Selezione delle migliori plance “CRU”

18 Esami di laboratorio

test organolettico/gascromatografico su 400 campioni

1x  2x  3x   Trattamenti IGEA 2.0

test organolettico/gascromatografico su 400 campioni

Selezioni elettroniche, ponderali e visive 

Timbratura e trattamenti di superficie


Selection of the best “CRU” planks


18 Laboratory tests + 1st organoleptic and gas chromatographic tests on 400 samples



2nd organoleptic and gas chromatographic test on 400 samples


Selections: Electronic, weighted, visual


Stamping and surface treatments


From the best cru corks to the most innovative treatment technology … the patented “IGEA 2.0” process involves the individual stripping of the stoppers through the use of modular steam, controlled high temperatures and irradiation station.

100% Off Flavours free

Pyrazines free

Pyrazines are aromatic organic compounds responsible for a fragrant vegetable bouquet, among the most widespread notes we find the hint of green pepper and asparagus. 

Geosmin free

Geosmin is a molecule normally present in nature; the root of its name recalls the earth, in fact this molecule is responsible for the smell of earth, mold and fungus. 

Guaiacol free

Guaiacolo is an ether and its presence generates a hint related to the “pharmaceutical” smell. 

Suberin more available

Suberin is a hydrophobic substance located around the cork cells. Its presence guarantees IMPERMEABILITY to gas and liquids to a greater ELASTICITY to the stopper.

Greater elastic recovery

Greater durability

Thanks to the greater availability of suberin with IGEA 2.0 there is a greater elastic recovery.

Wine analysis

All tests were repeated on the same bottle 6 times and the reported value is the average. Many replicas have been performed with minimal variability. This leads us to state that IGEA caps keep the product homogeneously over time and work synergistically to maintain the quality of the wine.

IGEA stoppers lines